hout van bomen: It means  “Wood from Trees”-
that’s a well known fact-
In Dutch it also sounds like “likes trees”, “liking trees”
We make small products from fresh wood from real trees- (..and we also teach).
hout van bomen
in English
Read >more< about spoons in English!
here you can view our handmade spoons, our handhewn bowls and our  stools.
mainly pictures of typical workingsituations in the forest, Dalfsen, the Netherlands
we can provide three weekend- workshops for spoon-carving and bowl-hewing.
an illustrated list of tools you’ll need for carving spoons and bowls; from Gränsfors, Frost and Djärv
we sell our products or make to order (babyspoons)
we sell some knives we use ourselves, like our adapted Frost- knives, Svante’s handforged spoonknives and Gränsfors Axes....
hout van bomen
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Updated jan. 8 2008